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Search, connect, share, cooperate.

Connect and cooperate with the right people to create your story.

Following. Always be up to date.

  • Follow your favorite authors, publications and publishers,
  • Additionally, you can follow collections and dossiers compiled by other members,
  • Staying up to date has never been easier.

Statictics. Where and when do articles appear.

  • Get more insights into how often your favorite author is publishing articles, and
  • in which publications do these articles appear?
Newsroom author statistics

Show. Information liberated.

  • Share you collections and dossiers with other members,
  • You can share a collection or dossier on multiple pages,
  • Maintain shared collections and dossier in Documents.
Newsroom collections and dossiers

Present. Article menu

  • Divide large volumes of articles in different sections,
  • Easy set up: use existing information to create the sections,
  • Give your reader a easy overview of the topics you cover.
Newsroom article menu for publications

Tools. Maintain your information

  • Ensure that all information is always up to date,
  • Maintain your listing directly from within Newsroom,
  • You can add and maintain authors, publications or even publishers.
Newsroom tools for maintainers of listings